A Time For Change…Again


I find a great deal of humor that my last post was about procrastination. That post was published in April.

Hey, at least I’m posting within the same year.

On Wednesday, December 27th, Carrie Fisher passed. It’s been a rough year if you grew up in the 70s/80s and have been a member of the cult of pop-culture. One of the things I always loved about her was her openness. Ms. Fisher never cowered when she spoke of her mental illness or her addiction. Like many others this week, I went ahead and purchased¬†The Princess Diarist¬†on Audible. In listening to Princess/General Fisher discuss her life, in her own voice, I became inspired.

This year has been a tough one for me. I began therapy early last year for my anxiety and depression. After one session my therapist diagnosed me with ADHD. This was a revelation. So much of my past came into focus and it was as if I was being reacquainted with myself. In August of 2015, I moved to Asheville, NC. I was prepared to take in all the wonder that the mountains could show me.

It was later that year that my anxiety ravaged me and I began taking Lexapro. All was well, until several months ago when my depression overtook anxiety as mental health issue numero uno.

I thought about hurting myself for the first time. It was scary.

So, UP went the dosage. I feared the day that my meds stopped working, and it seemed to be upon me. I continue to struggle, however, I’m prepared to return to therapy and get my medication mystery figured out; at least for now.

Here I am, on the precipice of a new calendar year, and I feel hope. In 2017 I will receive my degree in Creative Writing, and then (in true Daniel-form) I will enter a graduate program to become a Mental Health Counselor.

I feel wonderfully giddy about become a counselor. First, I’ve got to get myself in check and under control.

I just wanted to share a bit with all of you…out there…reading. Perhaps you know me personally, or you just stumbled upon this. However you arrived, I hope you come back, and we can all talk about what’s happening inside our heads and hearts.