Daniel J Johnson is a writer born, and raised, in Baltimore, MD. He’s currently living among the mountains in Asheville, NC. He comes from a long line of oral storytellers, exaggerators, and bullshitters. As a youngster, he loved to read comic books. The vivid illustrations and pop culture mythology inspired Daniel to create his own worlds, characters, and stories. This resulted in awesomely epic and intricate story-lines when playing with his action figures. He discovered a love for books in his later in life, consuming the classic works of Edgar Allan Poe, reading anything by Neil Gaiman, and being heartbroken that he didn’t write Ready Player One before Ernest Cline (even though he LOVED the book).

Presently, Daniel is pursuing his Creative Writing Degree. He writes and posts works of short fiction on his website (here), and strives to fight against the elitist factions within the  Geek/Nerd Community he loves so much. He is currently working on a comic book, with hopes to release it by the end of the year. Stay tuned at theedanielj.com



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